Digital Marketing Education through the analysis of the 2016 Minnesota Vikings Season.

SuperBowl1Professor Pepe at Super Bowl XXXIII in Miami-1999

 Professor Pepe has established this blog for the purpose of marketing education in Digital Marketing MRKT327 at Siena College for the fall 2016 semester. The blog posts will follow the Minnesota Vikings 2016 season and analyze the team’s digital marketing strategy  to relate to marketing education in MRKT327.

Michael Pepe has been an avid Minnesota Vikings fan since 1977 when the team last appeared in the Super Bowl, a 32-14 loss to the Oakland Raiders that left the team with a 0-4 record in the big game. Coming off another season-ending frustrating loss to the Seahawks in last year’s NFC wild card game

after Blair Walsh missed a chip shot kick, there are high expectations as the team should be improved this year while moving into their brand new stadium.

 This blog will be targeted to students in MRKT327 during the fall semester as well as other football fans that wish to enhance their marketing education through their passion of the gridiron. There are several blog post assignments required for the course and the Minnesota Vikings 2016 season will be integrated into each. Digital Marketing, consisting of social media, has revolutionized communication and this blog will analyze techniques such as search engine optimization, web analytics and social media tactics revolving around the Minnesota Vikings season.

 For your initial digital marketing education post from Professor Pepe, please read the Minnesota Vikings fan engagement lesson that details the team’s websites, digital and social media initiatives, merchandise and e-commerce operations, community and special events, marketing partnerships, advertising, branding, promotions, graphic design, fan relations and game day activities.

After a 15-1 season during the 1998 season, Professor Pepe was certain that the Vikings would appear in Super Bowl XXXIII, hence his attendance at the game. But as always, another blown loss.

 Same bullshit every year. Can the team FINALLY not choke this year? Probably not and we will have the analytics to measure the reaction.

About Professor Pepe

family man and marketing professor; digital marketing, sports, hard rock, pets,& fitness enthusiast
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  1. Professor Pepe says:

    Great article-Vikings are the greatest

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  5. Jack says:

    Ρroрerly, I am shocked yyoᥙ all left the very extra greatest one for me.?
    Daddy stated with a teasing smile. ?It?s that һe sent Jeѕus to die for uus and giѵe us life cеaseⅼessly and ever and thnat because of that well be a family
    in heaven for thousands and thousands of yеars.
    That?s fairly good isnt it?


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