Spring 2019-Digital Marketing (MRKT327)

Digital Marketing Textbook-MRKT327

Digital Marketing Textbook-MRKT327


     Course Learning Goals

  1. Search Engine Optimization – Understand how search engines work. Use this knowledge to make recommendations to a website on how it can improve its organic search ranking by performing search engine optimization.
  2. Search Engine Marketing – Understand the mechanics of paid search ranking. Create a search engine marketing campaign and evaluate its effectiveness and recommend changes that will improve the campaign’s conversion rates.
  3. Online Advertising – Understand the various methods of online display advertising. Create an online display ad campaign and measures its ROAS (return on ad spend).
  4. Web Analytics – Determine the appropriate KPIs for any type of website. Make appropriate recommendations to an e-commerce website based on the conversion funnel.
  5. Email MarketingUnderstand and implement best practices in marketing to a database of current and potential customers via email.
  6. Social Media – Utilize knowledge to design an effective social media campaign.
  7. Reputation Management – Implement online reputation management tactics to improve the online reputation of a brand.

About Professor Pepe

family man and marketing professor; digital marketing, sports, hard rock, pets,& fitness enthusiast
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