Create a Facebook Business Page for your blog

From Current Facebook account–>Create Page

  • Select–>Community or Public Figure –>Get Started
  • Page Name and Category–>consistent with your blog title, describe your business
  • Upload a Profile Picture Upload a Cover Photo
  • Left side-Update “About” section- provide details-Provide WordPress blog URL

  • Settings–>Edit Page–>Templates(edit) change standard to “Services”
    • Arrange “Service” tabs with About at the top followed by Services-add information- This will appear on your Page

  • Add a CTA under cover photo–>+Add a Button–>Contact Us–>Add Blog URL–>go back and Test
  • Generate a Post to promote your blog-image, name of blog, url
  • Request 5 individuals to Like your page
  • Review “Insights” tab (will be discussed in detail in chapter 3 Analytics)
  • At end of semester if you want to delete page: Settings–>Remove Page


 Go to your WordPress blog administrator & link your Facebook blog page as a social share. Appearance–>Customize–>Widgets–>Primary Widget Area +Add a Widget, Social Icons

  • +Add an icon–>Add Facebook page URL–>done
  • Go to WordPress blog and check- Facebook icon should appear and when clicked should bring you to your Facebook business page
  • Link your blog posts to Facebook-this should be done prior to publishing your WordPress post- (a)WP admin (b) Setting, sharing (c) Publicize Settings (d) Facebook-add URL
  • Your Facebook Page and WordPress settings linking to Facebook should be done prior to publishing your initial post


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