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My name is Dr. Michael Pepe, Associate Professor of Marketing at Siena College. I have instructed marketing full-time for seven years after spending 19 years as a marketing professional, mainly in the retailing industry. My passion and devotion to my students and the field of marketing has resulted in a very rewarding experience as an instructor at Siena.

My teaching interests pertain to marketing strategy, social media and digital marketing, marketing metrics, and international marketing. An integral component of my teaching methodology is application of all concepts presented to students that were developed during 19 years of professional marketing experience.

I am honored to have been the first faculty member in the Siena School of Business to have been the recipient of the teaching (2014) , research (2012) and service awards (2013). 

 My research has been published in areas involving branding, organizational commitment, point of sale data analysis, and customer lifetime value. Journal publications include The Journal of Product and Brand Management, Journal of Marketing Management, Journal of Business Case Studies, Journal of Marketing Development and Competitiveness, and the Journal of Business and Economics Research. I am an entrepreneur with an extensive consulting business. 

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